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druss908 asked: Yo Russ , taking some of your time just to ask if you'll be doing streams again or if something came up and you can't/won't stream for a long while ? Because as far as I thought , your come-back was scheduled for september.... Anyway thanks for being awesome =3=)9

Waiting on other people, in the real lifes, before I can start doing that again.

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officialhanyuufurude asked: Will you ever do any other Phoenix Wright play throughs on yer channel? :0 I really enjoyed the first one you did. (Can't remember if you finished it or not though. Where's /my/ brain dawg?)

No, not likely.  We’re doing it on the stream, just watch those~

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Anonymous asked: Are you still dating Red?

Uh, yeah.  Why’re you the 2nd anon to ask something like this?

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Finally. Now that I’m back to school and not working, I have a lot more time on my hands, which means that I can get back to spriting. So, here’s Russ’ crouching, jumping and landing animations. I swear it’ll look smoother in-game (Photoshop’s animation tools aren’t the greatest…).