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americangelato asked: What's your favorite popsicle flavor?

Lime, for not very obvious answers.

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alexgaskarthismysaviour asked: When I first started watching y'all's Saturday late night streams, I used to get you and Jund's voices mixed up. #oops

Welcome to the Leppy.  But, I don’t see how that’s possible when my speech pattern is hella awkward most of the time.

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sonofliberty796 asked: Did you know I love you? Because I love you. - Okay in all seriousness, lol, you got any other games you plan to stream?

Finish Demon’s Souls, TWD:S2E2, Snake Eater, I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of atm.

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thedotisback asked: What game do you consider yourself to be the best at, and what genre of games do you prefer?

NONE, I’m only good to a mediocre level in every game in existence. 

I like games that are: Strategy / RTS / Survival / Sims

Dwarf Fortress, Sim City, Banished, The Sims.

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rivenforge asked: How come the old Katamari streams keep disappearing?

Twitch deletes them automatically, which is dumb.  I forgot the click the “SAVE FOREVER” button for Katamari Demacy but, We <3 Katamari is saved.

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truthunderlies asked: Do you prefer people drawing you clean shaven? Or with stubble?

I have stubble like, all the time.  I would get in lasered off my face but, I’m impartial to either.  Don’t think anyone has drawn me with stubble though..