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Streaming The World According to Garp


In an hour from this post, 9:30 ET, we will be streaming the movie The World According to Garp here.

We won’t be commentating over it, we will be in the text chat during the stream.

But if you would like to watch the movie with us in memory of Robin Williams, please join us.

The passkey to enter the channel is: Robin

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever ran into a fan irl?

Yup, I’ve met BreeTheZebra and the older sister of a fan who wanted an autograph for her, both at QuakeCon 2013.

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kids book for my art class mother fucker.


this is friggin adorable \( *7*)/

The gang’s all here…

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Ru$$ Money:
The plushie I got looks like he has a double chin.
You got a fat one.
Work him out