What even is this?

You're awesome, Tagline

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Anonymous asked: Russ you might want to split that picture up into smaller chunks because you can't read what it says

s’why I including an imgur link

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darkraiqueen asked: What's your favorite game right now?

SpeedRunners by default / time spent playing it this week.

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Anonymous asked: where were you at the beginning/during most of the last stream? it's not the same without you dude

I wasn’t feeling good.  Soz

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chararosewastaken asked: Do you think you will stream in the near future? Cause I really miss your streams.

Yes, I will.  Probably when I move out.

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Anonymous asked: Any chance you guys show up at SGC in Dallas this weekend?


MAN, I really wanted to go, believe me.  But, nahh…

EDIT:  Since Red got wind of this shindig going down, she and I will probably be there on Sunday!