What even is this?

You're awesome, Tagline

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever ran into a fan irl?

Yup, I’ve met BreeTheZebra and the older sister of a fan who wanted an autograph for her, both at QuakeCon 2013.

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kids book for my art class mother fucker.


this is friggin adorable \( *7*)/

The gang’s all here…

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Ru$$ Money:
The plushie I got looks like he has a double chin.
You got a fat one.
Work him out

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Anonymous asked: Is there anywhere I can get a Russ money shirt? Please? I feel that it needs to have money signs, weed, and to be in my closet.

Maybe someday.

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Anonymous asked: I know everyone sees you as this cool guy who's funny, but all I see is this HUYUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEE NERD.

You’re right.