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Are you an artist / animator? WE NEED YOU!

Attention all artists!  The Late Night Crew is looking for those skilled in creating sprites and backgrounds for a video game.  ARE YOU UP FOR THIS PROJECT?

edit 1:  Right now there is no due date.  We’re just trying to get the word out that we need an artist.  If there will be one, I will post it well in advance.

edit 2:  I should also say that this is NOT a contest, this is an opportunity.  And this is not a job solely for one person, we’ll most likely need an entire group for each type of asset (character sprites, backgrounds, effects).

That’s right, Scott Jund, Red and I are in the works in making a Late Night Crew fighting game which will be created using Adobe Flash.

What we are lacking are folks who are able to create PIXEL ART and ANIMATING the aforementioned SPRITES.  This is indeed no small project - spanning over 12 characters (as of right now), each with their own unique move sets and stages.  As well as other art for user interface, mini-games and more!

As hinted, we are looking to create a fully-fledged video game and will require months of dedication.  We are not here to find the best and brightest but, those who are self-motivated into seeing a project completed to the fullest.

References / Inspiration to what we’re searching for:

Character Style Reference 1

Character Style Reference 2

Stage / Background Reference 1

Stage / Background Reference 2

We would even consider taking on multiple artists to help speed things along!  So, if you and a friend (or total stranger!) work great together in creating animated sprites that are UNIFORM IN THE SAME STYLE, we WILL consider it.

Things to remember:

  • You will be creating a game, a work of ART.
  • Each character will consist of *hundreds of frames of animation.
  • This WILL take dedication and time!
  • If you are accepted - we most likely CANNOT find another artist to match your style completely which would likely end the project.
  • Concepts of each character will be created by Red’s character selection profiles and will need to match.
  • YOU will definitely receive credit and reputation by doing this!

*This may be over or under-exaggerated.

So, if you think you have what it takes, send us your portfolio!  The more content, the better we can have an understanding of your artistic style.  Or, you can even start work on making a sprite sheet and sending it to us!

Apply by sending your work to: TheRussMoney@gmail.com

Super Serious Note: Please either EMBED your images into the email rather than ATTACHING them.  You may also create an ALBUM using imgur.com or TinyPic.com or similar picture sharing websites.  We will NOT be using these to transfer game content but, most likely using Dropbox.

Any questions or inquiries should also be sent to: TheRussMoney@gmail.com

Finally: Do NOT let this intimidate you.  This could very well be your time to shine!

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